Women Are Being Betrayed

In July 2015, the Center for Medical Progress started releasing undercover videos that showed Planned Parenthood executives casually discussing the harvesting and sale of baby body parts. In more videos, Planned Parenthood medical staff were shown picking through the remains of aborted babies in order to see which body parts were good enough to sell. In others, a whistleblower talks
about how she had to harvest the brain of a baby whose heart was still beating.

Planned Parenthood claims they care about women but they don’t – just look at their actions.  They get over $500 million a year in our taxpayer money and makes more than $100 million in profit, all while having abortion quotas. The organization has been caught covering up statutory rapedouble-billing taxpayers, aiding and abetting sex traffickers, scheduling sex-selective abortions and accepting money to abort African American children. 

Women have been betrayed by Planned Parenthood. Families have been deceived. And the smallest among us have been the ultimate victims of Planned Parenthood's horrific business schemes. Quite frankly, we've had enough. It’s time to relieve Planned Parenthood of our taxpayer dollars. 

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